Founded in 2022, we are a Black woman-owned virtual book store. We’re obsessed with all things romance, mystery, horror, fantasy, and science fiction, and exclusively carry titles in this genre!

Our primary goal is to support BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ literary communities — and independent authors within those spaces —in order to make diverse books and storytellers even more accessible to readers.

We hope Jupiter Society Books provides you with a warm space on this spinning globe to relax, get lost in other worlds, and dream about fantastic adventures.

The inspiration


“Jupiter Society Books is an ode to my dear Uncle Mark and Auntie Fabrice — two people who, out of many, supported and inspired my passion for writing and reading. Without them shaping and molding me as a child, I would not be the woman I am today. They are the inspiration for this shop and the driving force behind what led me to pursue this path. Here at Jupiter Society Books, we lift them up in memory and love, always.”

- Kiki, Owner of Jupiter Society Books